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  All the products offered are either wholly manufactured by OEA, as with the resin Orgonium Ionic harmonizers, or are sourced elsewhere and infused with OEA’s Ionic Resonance Technology which is exclusive to OEA (Patent Pending). We offer different products to perform different harmonizing tasks depending on the products function. For example, the Car EMR Harmonizer is specifically programmed with Ionic frequencies to deal with various sources of noxious resonance unique to cars, whereas the Mobile Phone Harmonizers contain different harmonizing functions unique to mobile phones. All of our products produce a Negative charge resonance that is as close to nature as possible. This means they are also in harmony with the heart, verifiable with Medical Diagnostic equipment such as GDV, Bio-Resonance technology testing, and Kinesiology. Being in harmony with the heart organ is paramount for any energy product. If an energy product is not in harmony with the heart, then it should not be used and would be deemed dangerous to humans. This is typical of all orgonite products and most holographic disk technology.

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Orgone Effects Australia provides a professional Building Biology Consulting Services

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What Is GS?

Geopathic Stress / EMF Sick Building Syndrome / Paranormal Interference / Earth Radiation / Wifi

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What Our Customers are Saying

"I can verify this myself as I train 5 days a week to compete in Girevoy sport and also run box etc.......my training has gone through the roof, as I need very little recovery time and can constantly back it up day after day......this has never happened and I have been training for 6 years now."

Matt, Albury NSW

"I just wanted to tell you that after your assessment, I put the Geoclense plug in and it has made a massive improvement to my focus, concentration, and energy when working from home. Also, I'm waking up without any aches and pains and am feeling a lot more refreshed."

Cheryl Wilson BSc (Hons) MBANT NTCC

"Yes, that's exactly my environment - an office with computers and fluorescent lights. I'm a writer, so can't escape from my tools! The day I put the Orgone Ionic Pendant on, I felt more positive, and the panicky moments have reduced to just a couple of short moments a day.

Kerry (Radio Station)

I choose not to have wireless internet connection because of the radiation, however, I discovered one day that I could pick up my neighbour's wireless connection, so it is still in my home. I know that I am protected with the Geoclense. I am so glad to have the Geoclense and know that I am protected from harmful radiation."

Jenner, Theta Healer

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